Here you will find all frequently asked questions. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 


General Information


1. To make it as easy as possible to you, I work with online contracts and online galleries. 


2. After the session all suitable photos will be edited and will send you an online gallery where you can choose your favorite photos.


3. Hygiene is very important to me. That's why I will wash all dresses, outfits, and fabrics after each session.

I also clean backdrops and decoration with disinfection wipes. 


4. It is very important to me that you feel safe and comfortable at the session! 

That's why I will take as much time as we need to discuss everything before the session.


5. I also attend in-person and online workshops to improve my skills and guarantee the safety and knowledge that you expect for your session. 



Maternity Session 


 1. When should I contact you to schedule a session?

It would be best if you message or call during your first trimester. We will discuss everything that's important for the session and of course for you :) We will schedule the session between the 28th week and the 36th week. That's the perfect time since your belly will be big enough to show, but not too exhausting since we will do different poses and set ups. 


2. Where do I find a beautiful dress?

Very easy: at my studio!!

I have many different dresses and outfits for your session at my studio. I have different sizes, colors and fabrics. Hopefully you will find the dress you think will look the best on you. I also offer dresses for the milk bath sessions (white, black and red) in different sizes. But If you still would like to bring your own outfit, just let me know. That's no problem at all.


3. Can I bring my partner and/or my children to the session?

Yes, please! Since maternity sessions are all about family and emotions, your partner and older children are more than welcome to join us. 


4. What do I need to know about a milk bath session?

For milk bath sessions, we will discuss your favorite flowers or decoration about a week before the session, since not every flower is available at any given time. 

I buy the flowers from a local flower shop and always discuss with the florist if the flowers are ok in water and with skin contact. It is especially important for maternity or breastfeeding sessions with infants to ensure that everything is safe and won't cause any skin reactions. 


5. Is a milk bath session safe for me and my little one?

Yes, it is! I only use real milk and I buy the flowers from a local flower shop. I always discuss with the florist if the flowers are ok in water and with skin contact. It is especially important for maternity or breastfeeding sessions with infants to ensure that everything is safe and won't cause any skin reaction.

If you or your little one are allergic to diary please let me know ahead of time and we will use powder instead of milk. 



Newborn Session


1. When should I contact you to schedule a session?

It is best to contact me and schedule the session as soon as possible, so I won't be booked for this important event. We will schedule your session for your due date and adjust the appointment whenever they are born if needed :) If you call me the day of or the day after your baby is born, I will guarantee you an appointment within the first 14 days.  You or someone from your family can just message me or give me a call. 


2. How old should my baby be at the session?

Normally we schedule your session within the first 14 days after birth. That's the time when your baby is still very sleepy and doesn't move much (that's important for their safety). I know life doesn't always go as planned... if possible just let me know! We still can take pictures after the first 14 days, but not all poses will be possible for safety reasons. Also, they will be more awake which could cause the session to be a little longer.


3. When and where can I feed my baby?

To make sure they are sleepy, its best to not feed them 1.5-2 hours before the session. When you arrive,  your baby usually  will be hungry and you can feed him / her at my studio. It is easier if you give your baby a bottle (pumped or formula) but I totally understand if you want to breastfeed. I have different places where you can sit down and take your time. Also if your little one is hungry during the session, please always take your time and make sure your baby is happy again. This is all planned and included in the session time. 


3. How do I decide what outfits, set ups, to choose?

Before the session, we will discuss all poses, outfits, and set up that I have available and which ones you would like for the session. I offer a wide variety of set ups, backdrops, and outfits for mom and baby. 


4. Can I bring my family to this session too?

Of course your family is  welcome at the newborn deluxe session. We can do pictures with all of you, just mommy or daddy, and of course sibling pictures. 


5. Oh no! I forgot something to drink! Do you have a water?

Don't worry! I offer drinks and little snacks for you (and your family). Please feel always free to ask me if you can't see / find it!



Children, Family and Portrait


1. How do I know which location would be great?

Since I grew up in this area, I know many amazing places that we can use for outdoor sessions. Castles, forests, fields or just beautiful and unique places in our area. If you have any specific idea but don't know where we could implement it.. let me know and I will find the perfect spot for you and your family!


2. Do I need to buy an outfit even though I won't wear it afterwards?

No, of course not! We will discuss outfits that you have available before the session! And if you would like an outfit for you or your daughter, you can always check out my business closet :) I also offer hats, headbands, decoration and whatever we need to make your pictures perfect!


3. Do you offer mini sessions?

I do offer seasonal mini sessions like easter, Christmas, mommy any me, 4th July etc. Follow me on Facebook so you won't miss my specials!! 


4. Do I have to book an outdoor session?

No, not at all! You are always welcome to visit me with your family in my home studio in Altdorf.